Arboriculture in the North East

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Tree removal for Home Group housing association

We’ve become CHAS accredited!? ie. Contractors Health and Safety compliance, this is making sure we operate in a safe manner – as you can imagine swinging around up a tree with a chainsaw gets the Health and Safety Executive a bit twitchy so there is a whole raft of legislation we have to adhere to. This is good news mainly for commercial work and we have needed to do this for some Local Authority work.
Unfortunately domestic customers are generally not too concerned about quality of work or health and safety issues, they go for the cheapest price………and wonder why property gets damaged and clearing up isn’t done! low prices mean short cuts are taken.
It’s a difficult call really, it’s expensive to comply with the testing and replace equipment regularly, and there sometimes doesn’t seem to a payback, however if it stops one accident it must be worth it!

Blackbird’s nest in Leylandii hedge

First bird’s nest last week, blackbird with 4 eggs, so we had to leave a section of the hedge un-reduced. Client was fine about it, we’ll have to go back in a month and a half and check it has been vacated. With this hot weather the birds will no doubt be nesting like mad!

Newcastle and Gateshead tree work

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