Free the trees!

Free the Trees!

Over grown tree ties – you can feel the relief of the tree when you cut these off! I often do it around car parks and shopping centers if I’m passing with a handy knife in my pocket. Here we had been asked to do some formative pruning and crown lifting on one of Home Group’s residential schemes and discovered these ties which were fit to burst, however they hadn’t yet caused any damage or deformation.  The tree either grows over the tie and becomes deformed with a potential weakness at that point, or the tree is effectively ring-barked and starts to die back.

Newcastle and Gateshead tree surgery

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  1. Paul

    I remember a Scandinavian pine which my father manage to cultivate from about seven feet tall when I was a kid, I remember it looking almost identical to this photo (as that was about eye-level for me back then!) It’s sad really because I got my MEWP training at and ended up being the one who had to fell that big, old tree from my old lady’s garden after it had started to tip.


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